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Venue Traditions

Venue Traditions

Some brides and grooms are easy to shop for – a framed invitation, blender from the registry or even cash will do – but there are other soon-to-be newlyweds who require days devoted to thinking of a clever and unexpected gift idea that will leave a wow-worthy impression.

Unique to the Bay House, we try to leave each couple with that same awe-inspiring feeling before, during and after their Destin, Florida wedding and reception. How do we do this? Simple. Each couple that has a ceremony receives a custom-carved cross that hangs on our venue’s walls.

Made out of pallets and restored hardware, each cross is engraved with the couples’ names and anniversary date. The idea is faith-based and stems from a place of gratitude and appreciation. It is our way of honoring the bride and groom to be and thanking them for sharing one of the most special days of their lives with us.

The crosses don’t come down after the ceremony. They continue to hang as a representation of your newly found union and place to treasure for years to come. Be sure to stop by our event venue in Destin to see your cross!