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Your Special Event in Destin

First Steps to a Smooth Event

Thanks to the digital world, people now have more access than ever to event listings. A wider variety of events and strategies to increase their attendance have hit the scene. In addition, events have shifted to become more experiential. With… Read More >

Your Summer Destination Wedding

Plan a Destin “Mini-Moon”

Planning a Destin Mini-Moon is Easier Than You Think!   Have you ever heard of a mini-moon? If your first thought was “it sounds like a honeymoon,” you’re correct! Mini-moons are shorter trips that often involve a local or nearby… Read More >

A New Twist on Bridal Hair

A New Twist on Bridal Hair You’ve reserved the location. You’ve got the dress. The RSVP’s are coming in. With so many details to manage when planning your wedding, there’s a small detail that you don’t want to leave off… Read More >

Sunset Wedding

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas If you are planning a winter wedding in Destin, check out what ideas the Bay House has to make your wedding one of a kind! The Destin Bay House is a wonderful location for a winter wedding… Read More >

Four Steps to a Boho Christmas Wedding

This season, two of our favorite wedding decor schemes marry perfectly: Boho and Christmas. The magic of the holiday season casts a spell of excitement and anticipation, whereas the Boho vibe reminds us to relax and enjoy the ride; like… Read More >