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Something Old: A Classic Wedding Tradition

Posted on by Alexa Gould

Something Old: A Classic Wedding Tradition

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Recently we blogged about “something borrowed” and “something blue.” Read up for inspiration for your own special day!

If you’re here visiting our wedding blog, chances are you’ve heard this adage before. There are so many unique ways to incorporate your “Something Old” into your big day. Here at the Bay House™, we love to see the various ways that couples incorporate this classic wedding tradition into the ceremony. We hear it may even bring you a bit of extra luck!

Something Old: A Classic Wedding Tradition

One of the reasons that this tradition is special is because it reminds you to incorporate something that has historical significance for your family. Perhaps there is a piece of jewelry that has been in your family for ages or a bow tie that has been passed down through generations. One trendy way to incorporate “Something Old” is for the bride to wear a relative’s veil. This allows them to be a part of your wedding day in a unique way or an option to honor those who are no longer with us.

Also, photos are a fantastic way to incorporate your “Something Old”. For example, one of our favorite ways we have seen this done is with a table display of wedding photos from the couple’s parents, grandparents, and more. It’s always a blast from the past and a fun way to involve those important to you. If you are not interested in a full display, you can always add an old photo to a locket. We love the sentiment that when you wear it, it’s close to your heart.

In addition, we’ve had the opportunity to see many engagement rings during Destin weddings at the Bay House™. Each one is special, and some may fit the bill as your “Something Old”. Sometimes, engagement rings are passed down from generation to generation. We’ve also seen rings incorporate a stone from another family heirloom.

No matter what you choose, your big day is sure to be as unique and special as you. Contact us to learn more about your wedding in Destin today!

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