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Your Guide to a Vow Renewal Ceremony in Destin

Posted on by Andie

Vow Renewal Ceremony in Destin

Are you looking to renew your wedding vows? Let us start by saying congratulations! A vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage and reaffirm for your commitment to each other. We’ve put together some helpful tips if you’re planning a vow renewal ceremony sometime soon. And, don’t forget that The Bay House™ is the perfect place for your vow renewal ceremony in Destin!

When can we renew?

Your Vow Renewal Ceremony in Destin

There is no right answer to when you should renew your vows – it’s all about when you feel ready. Some couples choose to renew a year after tying the knot, and some have a vow renewal ceremony every five years. It’s all about when the timing feels right for you and your spouse!

Where should we renew?

A vow renewal ceremony should take place somewhere that is meaningful to the two of you. It can be your wedding venue, your church, or even another location that holds significance. Many couples who have been married at The Bay House™ choose to host their vow renewal ceremony in Destin with us since their original ceremony was so special. We can accommodate events both big and small, and we’d love to help you celebrate your commitment to one another!

Who should we invite?

Many couples find that a vow renewal ceremony is the chance to host an intimate gathering and limit the guest list. To keep your guest list small, limit it to family and close friends. However, there’s nothing wrong with a big bash that includes extended friends and more friends!

We’d love to talk to you more about planning your vow renewal ceremony in Destin! Visit here to see more information about how we can transform our event venue in Destin for your special day.

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