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Wedding Venue Tips

Posted on by Alexa Gould

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Hundreds of details go into planning a wedding, including your choice of wedding venue. Here at the Bay House™, we’ve hosted many and hope you find our wedding venue tips helpful. It’s important to determine what you want early on for smooth sailing closer to your wedding date.

First, it’s important to know if your venue has a vendor list. At the Bay House™, we provide a preferred vendor list filled with companies we know and trust. We’ve seen how they can make magic happen and trust them to make your day special, too. From catering to DJs we have you covered for your wedding in Destin. Also, if a venue has an exclusive vendor list, make sure you’ve done your research and feel that each is a good fit for you.

Additionally, make sure you select the venue of your dreams. With so many venue styles these days, there is no need to compromise your vision. Some venues like the Bay House™ have long-standing traditions designed to give a personalized touch. One of our traditions is that the newlywed couples receives a custom cross that hangs on our venue walls. Each Bay House™ couple is special to us, and it’s something fun for you to see when you return to Destin for a visit.

Lastly, it is crucial to understand your venue specifications. For example, pay close attention to venue capacity. You want you and your guests to be able to move freely and enjoy, not feel boxed in. For your wedding in Destin, the Bay House™ accommodates up to 200 guests. Also, our flexible floor plan allows you to choose your favorite arrangement and flow. A venue coordinator can help you navigate through the rules and regulations. Our very own wedding coordinator, Erin, is sure to help you have a smooth day!

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