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Wedding Catering 101

Posted on by Alexa Gould

Wedding Catering 101These days, there is no shortage of  options for all aspects of a  wedding. If you have the vision and the budget, anything is possible. No matter your taste, there is sure to be the perfect wedding caterer for your big day. Follow our tips on Wedding Catering 101 for the inside scoop.


To start, it is important to decide on a budget prior to beginning your hunt for a wedding caterer. Furthermore, with your budget in mind, find out what the caterer’s fee includes. Sometimes, the catering fee may include staffing, table settings and clean up. You do not want to make any assumptions. It’s better to have no surprise bills following your big day. Additionally, use this budget to build a menu. Let the caterer know your preferred tastes, and he or she can create the cuisine of your dreams. Remember that certain foods are seasonal or may be out of reach due to financial restrictions. Develop a relationship with your wedding caterer and trust that they will accommodate your needs.


Second, remember that every wedding venue’s specifications are unique. Some may allow kitchen access, while others may not be capable of providing accessible electricity. It is critical to put your caterer in touch with the venue so everyone understands how the food will be prepared, presented and served. With the venue in mind, determine what type of catering you’d like. While some couples opt for sit-down dinners, others may have a cocktail hour, dessert bar, and more. Tailor the cuisine to whatever makes you and your partner happiest.


With an established vision, you can start to get creative! Once you’ve chosen a caterer, it’s important to have a tasting ahead of time to ensure you’ll enjoy the food and beverages. The tasting is a great time to start the discussion about the presentation and aesthetic of the catering. This is inclusive of everything from how a dish is presented to the clothes the servers wear. Ultimately, the goal is for the catering to flow with the overall aesthetic of the wedding. That’s not to say you can’t have a little fun! Lately, we’ve seen people opt for a fun treat following the reception so guests leave happy and full.

The Bay House™ is the perfect venue for your dream wedding in Destin, Florida. We offer a list of preferred caterers to bring your vision to life. Nearby, the Cottages by the Bay provide fantastic accommodations for wedding guests and even boast an event lawn worthy of pre-wedding festivities. Contact us today for more information.

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