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Plan Your Company Holiday Party

Posted on by Alexa Gould

It’s time to celebrate! As we enter the Fall season, it’s officially time to arrange your annual company holiday party. Plan ahead to secure your venue and ensure a fantastic time had by all. Follow our tips to make planning your company holiday party a breeze.

Plan Your Company Holiday PartyFirst, determine how big you want the party to be. Company holiday parties can be any size you would like. Some businesses opt for a company-wide party, some by department, and some for upper level management. It’s up to you! Keep in mind, the number of guests influences how far your budget goes. Expenses add up quickly with food, music and more. As soon as you decide the scale, choose a date and let the team know. The sooner invitations go out the better. The holiday season is a busy time, so people often get booked up early and have to plan for family, child care and more.

Additionally, decide on what type of atmosphere you want for your party. This directs the dress code. If you’re keeping it light and casual, you can go for silly holiday sweaters. Alternatively, dress up your event with cocktail attire and enjoy a champagne toast. Whatever theme you choose, make sure the atmosphere for your attendees points toward a good time. Often, getting out of the office helps change up the standard conversation. Ideally, your employees will leave this party feeling valued and knowing their coworkers a bit better. Company culture is often improved through strong interpersonal relationships.

Equally important, choose an easily accessible venue and be sure to book it early. The holiday season is a busy time, and venues book up well in advance. For your holiday party this season, choose the Bay House™, our premier event venue in Destin. We have a list of preferred vendors¬†like Culinary Catering 365 to make your planning process a breeze. Contact us today to book your next event!

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