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Tips for Great Wedding Music

Posted on by Alexa Gould

Music often sets the tone for an event, and your wedding is no exception. It is important to choose music that represents your style. It should enhance the atmosphere and liven up what is sure to be an already fantastic time. Follow our tips for great wedding music to set the mood for your big day.

First, it is important to determine what kind of music you want. From DJs to bands, as with everything wedding-related, the choices are endless. Think through the pieces of your wedding such as the processionals, the ceremony, and the reception. Determine when you do and do not want music and the overall tone you expect. Once you figure these parts out, evaluate your budget and find musicians who align with your financial expectations. At the Bay House™, we have a list of preferred vendors we trust to create a great atmosphere.

Artist: Kelly Boyett

Artist: Kelly Boyett

Next, pick the songs you want to play at your wedding. A variety keeps everyone engaged and interested. If you want people up and dancing, choose music that makes them want to move! Additionally, make sure you communicate your wants to the DJ or band ahead of time. Often, couples have a “do not play” list and a selection of songs that they definitely want to hear. For songs, it is great to check out the many online playlists to get a sense of what you want. Remember to trust your vendors too. Often, they have experience getting the crowd going and know how to ensure a good time.


For your first dance, the song should be meaningful to you and your significant other. Do not feel limited. This special song can be traditional or contemporary to suit the couple. Keep in mind how long the song is as you do not want guests to get uninterested. On that note, engage your guests with a playlist for the ages. Likely, you have attendees from all generations. Remember that everyone has different taste, and good music creates a good time had by all. That said, do not sacrifice your personal taste. After all, it is your big day!

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