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Create a Family-Friendly Event

Posted on by Alexa Gould

When attending an event, guests are often concerned with who can join them for the occasion. Planning an event that is family-friendly is a great way to boost attendance. Including children and partners allows guests more flexibility when they consider their RSVP. We have the inside scoop on how to create a family-friendly event that is enjoyable for all!

A positive, warm and engaging atmosphere is the key to success at these events. This begins with the venue selection and clarity on event details. Plan to give guests clear instructions on important factors like the venue address, parking and nearby accommodations as needed. At the Bay House™ we hosts events of all kinds from meetings to weddings. Our waterfront event venue in Destin boasts fantastic accommodations at the Cottages by the Bay located nearby. These seven charming cottages are the perfect location for your next corporate retreat, wedding accommodations and group travel.

During the event planning process, it’s important to design creative that appeals to the whole family. This ensures that children are enticed to attend and parents can relax knowing everyone will have a fantastic time. Offer entertainment suitable for all ages and be sure to advertise it. At least one activity during your event should specifically cater to children. This allows guests to feel that the event is inclusive and entertaining to all in attendance. Remind venue staff that the event is family-friendly so they are prepared to offer an upbeat and relaxed setting.

If you serve food at your event, remember that children are often picky eaters. It’s a good idea to plan a “kid’s zone” for food and beverages that are child-friendly. Additionally, go the extra mile and provide a small goody bag for the kids. This reinforces a memorable experience for both the children and parents. Remember, inclusive events are extra special because they promote family bonding.

Contact us to host your family-friendly event in Destin at the Bay House™!

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