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Picture-Perfect: Wedding Photography

Posted on by Alexa Gould

It can be easy to get lost in the sea of choices when planning for your big day, and now it is time to book the photographer. We have you covered on everything from how to book to deciding on the important moments to capture for your wedding day. Your wedding photos should be timeless while showcasing your unique style. Follow our guide to plan ahead for picture-perfect wedding photography.

Destin Bay House Wedding Photography

At first, booking a photographer can seem daunting. With the wide array of personalities, styles and price points, the choice feels overwhelming. Evaluate your budget, then research online to see whose business it aligns with. Remember that additional fees for travel, food and editing may be a point of discussion. Check out each photographer’s portfolio to get a feel for style and scope. Take note of what you do and do not like, keeping quality, editing, and angles in mind. Determine your expectations then it is time to discuss the logistics and details.

Next, make sure that the photographer makes you comfortable. Ideally, he or she has good energy and brings a sense of ease to the room. You do not want your images to look forced and posed. A laid-back and focused photographer contributes to a good time had by all. Keep in mind their past experience and whether he or she previously worked in your venue.¬†Seasoned photographers know the important moments and details to capture. At the Bay House™, we offer a list of recommended photographers¬†who never fail to impress. Check out some of the stunning images captured at our Destin wedding venue by Brett Birdsong.

Remember to live in the moment on your wedding day. When you relax, the photographer can capture you at your best. Everything is in place, now it is time to enjoy!

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