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Tips for the Maid of Honor

Posted on by Andie

Tips for the Maid of Honor

Getting asked to serve as the maid of honor in a friend or sibling’s wedding is, well, a huge honor! In addition, it also requires a ton of time, energy, and hard work. From planning the bachelorette party to simply being there for the bride, there isn’t much downtime for maids of honor! Whether it’s your first time serving as the MOH or you’ve done this a few times, our tips for the maid of honor will help ensure things are smooth all the way through the big day.

Tips for the Maid of Honor

Planning the Bachelorette Party

One of the biggest undertakings as the MOH is planning the bachelorette party. It’s best to get this planned and out of the way as quickly as you can. Talk to the bride about what she wants – location, guest list, activities, etc. Once you know her expectations, then it’s time to coordinate with her guests. If there’s a big guest list it can be tough to coordinate dates amongst everyone but make sure everyone knows that you’re firm on the date once it’s been selected. You’ll also want to get as many things paid for upfront as possible so everyone knows exactly what the bachelorette party will cost. This gives everyone more time to focus on fun instead of worrying about money.

Stay in Communication With Everyone!

No matter if you have a bridal party that’s big or small, as the MOH you’ll want to take the reins. Make sure everyone know to go to you for everything and not the bride, as she’ll already have enough to handle without the added stress from her bridesmaids.

Be There For Your Bride

Providing emotional support for the bride is one of the most important things you can do as her maid of honor. Offering to help with specific tasks instead of generic ones – setting up dress appointments and picking up decor – goes a long way rather than just offering a generic “Let me know what I can do to help!”

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