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Three Ways to Incorporate Kids Into Your Wedding

Posted on by Andie

How to Incorporate Kids in Your Wedding

Incorporating your own children or favorite young family members into your wedding can be incredibly special and memorable for everyone involved. While it’s pretty customary to make them the flower girl or ring bearer, there are other creative ways to switch it up and get them more involved in the wedding process! Read below for our three ways to incorporate kids into your wedding.

If you have older children, ask them to help with DIY projects. This can range from creating table cThree Ways to Incorporate Kids Into Your Weddingenterpieces (mason jar candles, anyone?) to DIY wedding invitations. Or, ask them to help stuff envelopes! Not only will it alleviate some stress on your part, but it’ll make them feel proud for helping!

With the opportunity for so many pictures, take the time to capture some special pictures with the kids in your wedding. Bonus points for props they can hold! You’ll have a timeless keepsake that you’ll look back on fondly. You can also gift framed pictures from the photoshoot that they will cherish forever!

Take it one step further and choreograph a special dance between you and your kids – young or older, it doesn’t matter! Your guests will love seeing the two of you bust a move on the dance floor.  Or, if you have more than one child, come up with a group choreographed dance for the reception. This is something you can do throughout the entire planning process Just think of the memories!

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