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Plan a Destin “Mini-Moon”

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Planning a Destin Mini-Moon is Easier Than You Think!


Have you ever heard of a mini-moon? If your first thought was “it sounds like a honeymoon,” you’re correct! Mini-moons are shorter trips that often involve a local or nearby destination, whereas honeymoons often involve far-off getaways. Plus, mini-moons are shorter, allowing you to save more time (and money!) for a lengthier trip. No matter what time of year you want to plan your mini-moon, consider planning a Destin mini-moon! If you’re already hosting a beachfront wedding at Destin Bay House, simply extend your stay by a few days and take some time to lounge on the beach or experience any of our incredible local cuisines. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Here are three reasons why you should plan a Destin mini-moon:Plan a Destin Mini-Moon

What are you waiting for? Planning a mini-moon has never been easier, so plan your wedding at Destin Bay House, book one of our Cottages by the Bay, and plan your Destin mini-moon!

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