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Create the Right Ambiance with a Decorative Arch

Posted on by destinbayweddings

floral archNo matter what type of wedding you are hosting or what season the wedding is in, an arch can really make your wedding stand out. There are many different ways to decorate an arch, and it can also have many different uses.

An arch, or arbor, can personalize your wedding by emphasizing what type of wedding you are having. If you are hosting a rustic wedding, having wooden accents and minimal flowers will be the perfect detail. If your wedding is more traditional than lots of floral accents and some drapery would be beautiful.

The arch could be a great decoration during your ceremony to complement your surroundings. If you are getting married on the beach then neutral or blue colored flowers would look stunning, but if you are getting married where there is a lot of greenery, then a pop of color such as purple would make your arbor stand out.

The most popular ways to decorate an arch are using drapes, flowers or crystals. All of these will look beautiful, but you could also be bold and use decorations that you don’t often see. The use of doors as a backdrop to your ceremony would add a separate sense of style. Or you could make the arch a different shape then what people are used to. For example, make it in the shape of a circle or be even more unique and do a triangle.

All of these options will make your wedding ceremony beautiful. Arches also provide you with incredible wedding photos. Call the Destin Bay House today to see what kind of arch we think will be perfect for your wedding!


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