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How to Memorialize Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Spring wedding tips from The Destin Bay House

Weddings bring loved ones together, but what happens when a loved one has passed on? There are still ways to remember them and make them a part of your special day.

Bouquet Charms.

As you’re selecting the right flowers for your bouquets, consider using your loved one’s favorite flowers or mixing them in with your favorites. You can even use a piece of jewelry or another item to create a charm that can be incorporated on your bouquet as a reminder of their influence on your life.

Display things that remind you of them.

Place a bouquet of your grandmother’s favorite flowers on a chair or serve your uncle’s favorite side item at dinner. You can find the ideal way to integrate something that reminds you of them into your wedding.

Display their photo.

If you’re planning a slide show or have an area where you’re displaying photos, include them in your display. Consider using their wedding photo and adding in some other family member’s photos, creating a generational feel.

Mention them in your speech.

Take a few minutes during your reception to honor your loved ones and share favorite memories. Keep the words short and upbeat. It’s an emotional time and you don’t want sadness to be the focus.

Have your ceremony at their favorite spot.

If they loved to golf, consider booking a golf course or if they loved boating or the ocean, have your ceremony somewhere they’d want to be. If you’re looking for a beautiful waterfront location, consider the Destin Bayhouse. With beautiful bay views, it’s sure to inspire.

Make a donation in their honor.

Trade in your wedding favors for charitable contributions in honor of your loved one. Be sure to share this tastefully with your guests so as to not create a heavy atmosphere. Contributing to a worthwhile charity or cause is a very meaningful way to remember.

There is no wrong way to remember someone you love who has passed on. Ask your family for ideas and pick the one (or more) that really resonate with you.

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