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5 Simple Post-Wedding Dates to Strengthen Your Bond

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Planning your Destin Bay House wedding can take on a life of its own. For months, your life as a couple revolves around the details of one day. Your excess energy and time are often spent shopping, planning, tasting, sizing, and meeting. Those precious moments that led you to decide to spend your life together seem to be fewer. Once your big day has come and gone, however, you can take a collective breath, relax, focus on one another.

For those days of marital bliss, it’s easy to settle into a routine. Here, we give you five simple date ideas to deepen your bond after you say “I do.”

A Day Trip

Most of us forget to explore our own backyards. That’s why a day trip is the ideal weekend date. You know that pop-up brewery you’ve heard about? Hop in the car and go! That seafood shack on the water with the best oysters? Now is the time to try them. Pick a place within two to three hours, grab your playlist and jump in the car. This time of year, roll the windows down and enjoy the autumn breeze. One hand out the window, the other entwined.

A Walk Through Nature

Is there anything nature doesn’t improve? Simply being outdoors lowers stress levels, boosts the immune system, and increases serotonin and ¬†endorphin levels, all of which make you a happier, more affectionate person. Take your beloved on a hike. Find local nature trails to explore, pack a picnic, and see what adventures await.

A Marathon

Ok, before you scroll past this one, it can be any length race. Don’t aim for 26.2 miles, unless you’re used to training for a full marathon. Start with a 5K; jog together a couple of times a week to prepare and increase your endurance. On the day of the event, the adrenaline and endorphins released from physical activity alone will leave you energized. Not to mention, the shared experience deepens your bond.


Think about what brought the two of you together: a love for animals, sports, the beach? No matter what it was, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in any given area. Love animals? Spend a day volunteering at a local animal shelter. Local sports leagues are always in need of coaching assistants, referees, concession workers, and more. As for the beach, participate in coastal clean up days, wildlife protection efforts, and recycling initiatives.

Get Back to Your Roots

Where did it all start? Where did you first see one another; what did you do on your first date? Recreate those special memories to awaken the initial feelings of infatuation and excitement. And when it comes to hosting a vow renewal, to bring it back to one of the happiest days of your life, we’ll be here waiting to recreate the magic.

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