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A Closer Look at the Cottages by the Bay – Love Letter

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Three of the seven cottages in this historic area of Destin are located on Sibert Avenue and have their own history that dates back to 1935 with our Love Letter cottage.

Cottages by the Bay - Sibert

Before Renovations

This was the second of the three properties purchased for the cottages. There are a few unique things about this property. During the negotiations for the purchase it was disclosed that it was originally built in 1935 and that it had some issues.  As we started peeling back the layers we soon discovered one of those “issues” was that the floor joists were actually sitting on Cypress tree stumps and not concrete blocks.  This was a real surprise but made sense to the period of initial construction as that was the material available at the time.  Surprisingly the majority of the stumps were in good shape but we replaced them anyway.

Another unique characteristic about this cottage is the ceiling height in the kitchen and living room.  These are the original ceilings and are seven feet 6 inches high instead of eight feet which is today’s norm.  Perhaps people were shorter back in the 1930’s.  When we took down the sheetrock in the kitchen and living room we discovered the wooden shiplap and were able to salvage them in the living room.  If you look close in the living room above the television you can see where the ceiling has been patched from a hole that served the flume for a wood stove.  With renovations, we were able to determine that the original structure had been modified over the years with the addition of the laundry room and the back bedroom.

Another modification that had been made was to enclose the front porch.  We decided to take it back to the way it was originally designed.  When we uncovered the floor joists for the porch we found numerous old mason jars and pop bottles that had found their way under there.

The biggest change we made with this cottage was to combine two small bedrooms in the front of the cottage into the master suite that we have now along with the built-in bunk bed and enlarge the bathroom into a true en-suite one for the master bedroom.

We know guests will love this two bedroom. Like the other cottages here, it has such a sense of place, nostalgic charm and top-notch finishes.

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Love Letter


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