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Create A Gorgeous Fall Wedding Table-Scape in Three Steps

Posted on by destinbayweddings

As cooler weather approaches, the reception tableware gets darker faster, just like autumn days. While neutral palettes rule the reception landscape during spring and summer, fall and winter weddings are a chance to step over to the (gorgeous) dark side.

Of course, creating a dark table scape that looks and feels like stepping into a Renaissance painting requires a careful selection of items. Here, we’ve chosen three elements to elevate any fall or winter table-scape at your Destin Bay House wedding.

  1. Lavender Stemware

Lavender stemware adds romantic depth and color to a dark table scape. Its subtlety plays on the jewel tones of fall, without crossing into the holiday cheekiness of red or black (which can read a little too Halloweenish or Christmasy). Plus, the moderate opacity of lavender stemware lends elegance and looks gorgeous when filled with either red or white wine.

2. Black Tapered Candles

Black tapered candles provide the perfect conversation piece for the table. Unusual and striking, especially when paired with a rustic, golden candelabra, black tapered candles reflect the night sky–a flame burning against darkness–and invite guests to linger into the evening. The flicker of candlelight casts an ambience and shadow that encircles guests and holds them in the coziness of primal comfort. Conversations last a little longer, tensions ease and the moments unfold slowly, creating perfect memories of your special day.

3. Gold or Copper Flatware

Of course, with the depth of dark accents, the table scape needs a glimmer of metallic shine for balance and contrast. Pair gold or copper flatware with dark chargers for a sophisticated finish.

Expect gorgeous wedding photos when you incorporate these three elements into your fall or winter wedding reception at the Destin Bay House.

Plan you fall or winter wedding now. Contact the Destin Bay House wedding and event planner today.

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