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Fixer Upper … The Cottages by The Bay Transformation

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The HGTV show Fixer Upper has got to be one of the most popular shows on that station. People love to see visions come to life and all the heart and soul poured into the transformations. We also love to see something old restored to new glory. Maybe that is the inner historian or environmentalist in us. Maybe, it is just cool to preserve a sense of place.

That is how we feel about our own Cottages by the Bay. We thought it would be fun to share some “before” and “after” photos so that readers and visitors can get a glimpse of the transformation.

Original Smith Family Home

Circa 1953/54

We are going to post in a series so check back with us to see more properties. This week’s focus is on the one that started it all – Something Blue. That, of course, is our name. Showing here is the original first home built in 1952 by Mr. M.L. Smith.  Mr. Smith had purchased the raw land from Coleman Kelly and first built Something Blue for his family home.

The home has been added on to twice.

Something Blue - Before

When we started …

The current kitchen and dining area were the first addition and we added the two full bathrooms on the east end as the second.  During our renovations, we discovered some time ago there had been a fairly serious fire in the kitchen area as we had to replace many of the ceiling joists.  Before we could install the new flooring, we had to remove three layers of old flooring with the oldest being a 12×12 vinyl tile.  While the current roof is pitched, the original roof was flat and is still in place which created a challenge putting in the new a/c ducts.  All of the electrical wiring has been replaced with new and the original wiring was copper, but instead of being in cased in plastic like the new material, it was encased in cloth.  The old water lines were galvanized and the waste water lines were cast iron and terra cotta.

Something Blue

Newly Renovated!

And now, after quite a bit of work and a lot of heart and soul, we have a beautiful three bedroom, three bathroom cottage that pays tribute to its history, while being completely redone for the future. More families will pass through and hopefully fall in love with the place.

We hope Mr. Smith would be proud!

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