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Three Money-Saving Tips for the Non-Traditional Fall Bride

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This Halloween tablescape is a gorgeous take on fall weddings.

While tradition stands by a June wedding‚ÄĒand hey, we’re not knocking it, June is gorgeous here in Destin‚ÄĒthere is a special kind of bride¬†who craves¬†a fall¬†wedding. Earth-tones, bare limbed-trees, dancing in the crisp autumn air‚ÄĒif these thoughts are falling like leaves in the corners of your mind, it‚Äôs time to face it. You have fall fever.¬†¬†

A fall wedding is simply splendid because the cooler temperatures encourage people to seek out warmth. And what better feeling for a wedding than warmth? Friends and family sit a little closer to each other. They linger together around the outdoor heaters and firepit. They warm themselves with an extra glass of wine (or two). An inherent coziness pervades the atmosphere during cooler months. Not to mention, some of the most beautiful (and affordable) trends are at their best in the fall. 

Use branches as centerpieces.  

If you’ve gotten a quote from the florist on the price of¬†centerpieces, you realize they’ll take up a significant chunk of your budget. Floral centerpieces typically range from $30-$150 each. By using small¬†branches, however, you’ll not only bring the¬†autumnal theme inside, you’ll also keep a little¬†more green¬†in your wallet¬†for the honeymoon. (Hint: Save even more by carrying a bouquet of greenery and garland rather than traditional flowers).¬†

Wear a two-piece wedding ensemble 

Another money-saving tip that doubles as a drop dead gorgeous design feature is the two-piece wedding gown. Rather than spend thousands on a long sleeve wedding gown, pair a cozy sweater (think cashmere) with a full-length skirt of tulle, chiffon, or lace. The look will be completely customized, and the cost will be cut in half. 

Give Them S’more¬†

Instead of a wedding cake, think more¬†s’more. Create a multi-tiered cake of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, and let guests roast their own s’mores over the open flames of the firepit. For a personalized s’more experience, decorate each table with large candles nestled in pebbles so guests can roast marshmallows at their table.¬†¬†

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