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Break All the Rules To Achieve Your Perfect Wedding

Posted on by destinbayweddings
Break traditional wedding rules with these new ideas.

It’s your show, run it your way! Ditch traditional heels for kicks that speak to your style.

There are plenty of rules for weddings. In fact, just Google “wedding rulebook” and you’ll find more than 400,000 results. Four. Hundred. Thousand. Y’all.

From not seeing the bride before the ceremony to strict seating charts, a couple can drive themselves mad trying to follow all of the “shoulds” of wedding planning.

Instead, we have a different approach: break all the rules to create a wedding that is perfectly suited to the two of you.

Here’s how:

  1. Stop asking what they think.

Notice we didn’t say, stop worrying what they think. We said stop asking, because once you invite others to share their opinions on your big day, you will feel compelled to incorporate them. If you do, you could end up with someone else’s taste rather than your own; if you don’t, they’ll end up feeling disregarded. Best bet, ask your partner or go with your gut. Then, trust the Destin Bay House wedding coordinator  to make your vision a reality.

  1. Wear All White—Or None

There’s this unspoken rule that no one but the bride can wear white. The tension over another woman wearing white to a wedding has even been the source of comedy gold (thank you, Jane Fonda). But truth be told, white looks good on almost everyone, so deck your whole bridal party in white. An all-white wedding lends a crisp, clean (and gorgeous) feel for those Destin Bay House photos.

Not a fan of white? Ditch the ivory-standby and go for bold color. Take your cue from actresses Liz Taylor and  Amber Tamblyn who wore marigold, director Sofia Coppola who wore lilac, and Jessica Biel and Gwen Stefani who wore shades of pink. Be as bold as you dare, and let your personal style take center stage.

  1. See Each Other Whenever

You know that old superstition about not seeing the bride’s wedding dress before the ceremony? Or the one about not seeing each other at all before the ceremony? Yea, no. The truth is, the hours before your wedding walk a fine line between being completely magical and completely miserable. One minute, you’re basking in the knowledge that you are about to marry the love of your life, and the next you’re having a near-meltdown over the caterer running behind, the weather not cooperating with  your hair, and is that a tear in your lace veil?

Instead of a meltdown, sneak in some alone time with the one who makes it all worthwhile. Those stolen moments become cherished memories and help both of you make it through whatever surprises the day holds.

Let us help you break the rules with your own destination wedding at the Destin Bay House

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