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Three Gorgeous Summer Cocktails for Your Wedding

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Summer Cocktails

A summer cocktail should achieve two things: one, it should be beautiful in the glass, and two, it should taste light and refreshing. After all, a summer cocktail is second in popularity (at the reception) only to the newly betrothed.

Essentially, a great cocktail will appeal to all of your senses—a gorgeous presentation, a light, fruity aroma, a subtle flavor combination, the weight of the glass in your hand, and the tinkling of ice as you enjoy the very last drop.

So we’ve gathered recipes for some of the most dazzling and delicious summer cocktails for your Destin Bay House wedding.

Indian Summer Punch

Created by The Whaling Club and featured on 100 Layer Cake, Indian Summer Punch is August in a glass. Shake lemon juice, peach liqueur, anejo rum, and cognac. Muddle strawberries in a peak highball glass, add crushed ice, concoction, then top with more crushed ice. Garnish with a fresh sage bouquet.

Watermelon-Tequila Slushie

Can you have a summer wedding without watermelon making an appearance? We don’t think so. Take it from Food & Wine featured Chef Bobby Flay, and add these watermelon-tequila cocktails to your menu.

Puree seedless watermelon, then strain the juice through a sieve. Mix with silver tequila, simple syrup, blueberries, mint, and fresh lime juice.

Sweet Strawberry Farm

This recipe comes from Destin’s very own Craft Bar. Start by shaking farmer’s gin, Campari, and strawberry simple syrup. Then, muddle fresh strawberries, top with ice, and pour your concoction over ice. Garnish with a fresh bouquet of basil for an aromatic lift every time you sip.

 These gorgeous summer cocktails are guaranteed to elevate any wedding or party. They’re just the right mix of looking good and tasting great.




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