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Three Reasons You Want Post-Wedding Photos

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Your wedding day is romantic, A Day After photo shoot can reflect the couple's personality. unforgettable, and a host of other adjectives. It is not, however, typically stress-free. Yet, the one thing you want to turn out perfectly is your wedding photos.  After all, you booked the venue, chose the colors, the season, and a dozen Pinterest ideas, all in hopes of capturing timeless images of your love story.

Then, the big day arrives and you’re trying to squeeze in photos post-ceremony/pre-reception.  Lighting, weather, and the small children in your wedding party often have their own ideas about cooperation. Not to mention, you’ve been going non-stop, between the hair stylist, make-up artist, and last minute errands.

This is why post-wedding photos, sometimes called “day after” photos, save the day.

>You’re Relaxed

Think about it: after your wedding is over, you feel like you can finally take a deep breath for the first time since you slid on an engagement ring. It’s the first day in months your mind hasn’t swirled with decisions about caterers, flowers, or wedding party gifts. It’s just you and your spouse. Married. At last.

Doesn’t that feel good? Even just reading it, those words: spouse, married. Imagine how much better it feels in reality. The cake has been cut, the first dance danced, the grand exit made. And then there were two.

>You Can Be Yourself

Day after photos capture the joy of being married. They’re the purest reflection of the two of you, so let them reflect your personality. Are you travel-lovers, prepping for the honeymoon abroad?  Then host a wanderlust shoot. Use vintage luggage and your passports or plane tickets as props.

Are you simply relieved the pomp and circumstance are finished? Then host a trash the dress shoot.  Right here in Destin, walking out into the emerald water of the Gulf in your wedding dress makes for some stunning photos, and offers a supreme relief.

>You Get a Private “Re-do”

Did you miss certain shots on your wedding day? Day after shoots are ideal for re-donning the dress and suit to capture must-have photos. If you happened to get married in the city you call home, consider taking photos at local landmarks: in front of your favorite date night restaurant; under your street sign; in the park where the two of you jog after work. For a destination wedding, go to your favorite places in the city; crowded public areas create a great juxtaposition for a couple in wedding attire. The contrast highlights the two of you as a united force in the world. Wherever it is, your photos can’t help but reflect your love for one another.

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