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Three Wedding Cake Alternatives For The Unconventional Couple

Posted on by destinbayweddings

While traditional wedding cakes are often the star of the reception, the unconventional couple is opting for more fun treats and sweets on the dessert table. Sure, you’ve seen doughnut cakes and tiered cake pops, but have you seen these unique wedding cake alternatives?

Mini PiesMini Pies

Portable, eat-them-on-the-dance floor-able, mini pies are a delightful and delicious alternative to wedding cake. Playwright David Mamet got it right when he wrote, “We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.” Never have truer words been uttered; well, not since your vows anyway. For a day that celebrates love and joy, what better dessert is there than warm, flaky, fruit-filled pie (which basically translate to love in nutritional value)? Plus, with mini-pies, choose as many flavors as you can think of to satisfy guests’ ap-pie-tite.


Cheese Wheel Cake

A cheese wheel can be even prettier than a traditional cake (trust us). The natural hues and variations lend color and texture. Top with fruit or flowers and it’ll take guests a second or even third look to realize it’s no ordinary cake. Cheese wheel cakes have been popular in Europe for some time, especially among wine aficionados. A gourmet cheese tasting is bound to elevate the entire dining experience at your reception, and add an unexpected twist to the traditional “cake cutting.” Especially consider it if you’re using rustic themed décor.

A Rice Krispie Treat Cake

You read that right. Rice. Krispie. Treat. Cake. Imagine three, four, or five glorious tiers of crispy, marshmallowy goodness. Take your favorite childhood snack to new heights (literally) as the crowning jewel of the dessert table. Thanks to spring form pans, a Rice Krispie treat cake can be any shape; decorate it with ribbon, fruit, or flowers.

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