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Three Heartfelt Ways to Include Mom in Your Wedding

Posted on by destinbayweddings

How to Include Mom in your wedding

Poet Richelle Goodrich said it aptly, “Mothers offer their hearts as an eternal resting spot.” In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to acknowledge the women in our lives who taught us compassion and warmth.

At The Destin Bay House, we’ve seen many brides incorporate their mothers’ into their wedding ceremonies, either by wearing her dress or carrying a memento. This Mother’s Day, we’re sharing a few more ways both the bride and groom can include mom in their wedding day.

Exchange a keepsake

While the major focus of your wedding day is exchanging vows and rings, exchanging a memento with your mother can be equally as meaningful. This is a day neither you nor she will forget. Brides, consider a necklace or earrings in a signature style, or perhaps related to your theme. Grooms, exchange a wrist-piece with mom—wooden watches or cuffs are beautiful, timeless, and speak to your lasting bond.

Do a first look photo with mom

You may think a first look photo with mom is redundant, especially if she’s helped you get ready. But send mom to have her hair and makeup done, and then reconvene for a first look with one another. This applies to the bride and groom. Mothers are just as excited to see their sons outfitted and ready to say “I do,” as they are their daughters. And you’ll cherish these photos for years to come.

Share her recipe

Everyone has a favorite recipe from childhood—something only mom made. Share it with your guests! You can ask mom to make it herself, or provide her recipe to the caterer. Consider packaging her item (if it’s bite-sized) with a tag that reads, “From the mother of the bride/groom.”

Finding unique ways to include your mother on your wedding day is sure to make the memories that much sweeter. For even more ways to personalize your wedding, contact The Destin Bay house event coordinator.

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