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The Secrets to Surviving A Rainy Wedding Day

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Rainy Day TipsWhen you chose to have your nuptials at The Destin Bay House, you envisioned the brilliant Florida sun sparkling on the water as you and your beloved recited vows. After all, the Bayfront lawn is one of the most dazzling wedding venues in Destin (or anywhere).

Then came the rains. The weatherman predicted an overwhelming chance of downpour on your big day, and your expectations have been sullied by ominous, gray clouds.  You don’t have to let a little precipitation dampen your spirits, however. On your wedding day, it’s all about your emotional climate. Our rainy day tips will keep you in a sunny state of mind no matter the weather.

Rainy Day Tip 1:

The New York Times reports the single most important factor in the success of your wedding day is your attitude.  The couple sets the tone for the entire event. So when the weather isn’t what you hoped, resolve to enjoy the day regardless and your guests will follow suit.

Rainy Day Tip 2:

Provide umbrellas during the ceremony. While some guest may bring theirs, many won’t. Plus, if you provide umbrellas, you can choose a uniform design. Clear umbrellas make for beautiful photos and don’t cast shadows.

Rainy Day Tip 3:

Go with galoshes. Sure, jewel encrusted heels are beautiful, but you know what’s even better? Rain boots. Outfit your whole wedding party in Wellies. Choose colors and patterns to match your theme. These make for phenomenal photos (you’ve seen the Converse, cowboy boot, and flip flop pictures). Plus, what says lighthearted fun more than splashing about in galoshes?

Rainy Day Tip 4:

Accept it. One of the most important traits in marriage is adaptability. Being able to smoothly transition from expectations to reality is vital. In a sense, then, your rain-filled wedding day is the first lesson in married life. Accepting Mother Nature’s change of plans graciously shows a great deal about your heart for one another.

Ultimately, your wedding day is the day you marry the love of your life. Everything else is secondary. So don’t get bogged down in the details.  Use our tips to brainstorm how you’re going to make the most of the rainstorm! After all, there’s something extraordinarily beautiful about dancing in the rain.

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