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Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Eco Friendly Wedding Tips from The Bay House

We are so excited to share some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding tips in honor of Earth Day this Saturday, April 22. If you think planning a beautiful wedding can’t show as much love to the planet as it does to your guests, think again. These simple tips are great for any wedding, but especially those that are eco-conscious.

  1. The Ring

Eco-friendly rings are the most talked-about step toward an environmentally friendly wedding. Designers such as Brilliant Earth have made a name for themselves with beyond conflict-free diamonds, and for good reason. Their diamonds are ethically sourced and their practices honor human rights, fair labor, and trade standards.

For a more unconventional approach, Simply Wood Rings invites you to engage naturally with their line of artisan crafted wood rings. Choose from six different sustainable woods for the base and five salvaged woods for the inlay—or you can provide your own!

  1. The Invitations

When it comes to eco-friendly invitations, you have several options. The first is to use an online invitation—and before you say no, wait just a second! Online invitation sites allow you to choose from professionally designed templates with as much wow-factor as any traditional announcement.  Think about it, how many RSVP cards have you left lying around, never to return to the post office? Evites aren’t just eco-friendly; they’re a more efficient way to get a headcount for your guest list.

A nice compromise is a site like Paperless Post that allows you to send online invitations, as well as print some for more traditional guests. If you’re leaning toward mailing invitations but still want to be kind to the environment, you can’t go wrong with plantable invitations. Made from recycled paper, these invitations are embedded with flower seeds so your guests can toss them out—and watch them grow!

  1. The Dress

You might think an eco-friendly wedding dress is an odd notion, but it’s gaining traction as fair trade practices expand. From intricate, handcrafted lacework to sustainable fabrics, you can find a dress that is ethically sourced as well as stylish. ELuxe Magazine—the world’s “first sustainable luxury publication”—lists Sohad Acouri, Leila Hafzi, Minna, Sanyukta Shrestha, and Deborah Lindquist as some of its most sought after sustainable wedding dress designers.

With these tips, your Destin Bay House wedding will be a celebration of your love for one another, as well as the Earth!

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