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The Destin Bay House Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette

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Destin Bay House Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette

Being invited to share a couple’s wedding day is a significant experience. It means that among invitation counts, seating arrangements, and budgetary guidelines, their final guest list included you. The bride, groom, or both then, value your presence at what will be one of the most important moments of their lives. So after RSVP’ing your attendance, use the Destin Bay House  Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette to honor your relationship with the pair on their big day.

  1. Be on time.

This goes, almost, without saying. The soon-to-be-wedded have waited their entire lives to find one another, then months, perhaps even years, to say I do. The least you can do is arrive on time, and therefore, not detract attention from the bride and groom with a tardy entry. If you’re unsure about the venue’s location, map it a day ahead of time and leave with plenty of time for error—your travel time, plus a half hour.

  1. Utilize Childcare for Infants and Toddlers.

Some couples may provide on-site child care during the ceremony, which is their subtle indication that you should take advantage of it. If not, however, consider arranging your own prior to the big day. If taking little ones is necessary, seat yourself near the exit of the ceremony, in the event your child becomes a tad too vocal. Often, other amenities are available to occupy kids’ attention until the ceremony’s conclusion. Your thoughtfulness gives the bride and groom their moment to revel in each other’s recitation of vows.

  1. Turn Off Your Cell Phone.

Wait, but why? What about all those social media tags? There’s a simple answer to this, and that answer is walking around the ceremony with a large, professional camera strapped to his neck, and an assistant or two in tow. Hence, leave the wedding photography to the wedding photographer, especially during the ceremony. If the newly betrothed provide a hashtag for the reception, then by all means, power on and post away. But otherwise, enjoy their day, not your device.

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