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Five Reasons the Bay House is the Perfect Destin Wedding Venue for Spring

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The bay-front lawn of the Bay House is the perfect place for a reception.Poets have long observed that, “Love [is] woman’s eternal spring.” Is there, then, anything more romantic than a spring wedding in Destin?

This weekend, the Destin Bay House welcomes its first bride and groom of the season. As with all of our couples, we can’t wait to treat them to a one-of-a-kind experience.

While the bride and groom enjoy a well-deserved day of relaxation before they say “I do,” we are busy making sure every aspect of their ceremony and reception receives the utmost attention.

The linens are pressed, tables arranged. The arbor is placed and benches await their guests.

On the bay-front lawn, café lights wind their way through oak and palm trees, awaiting their moment to shine.

The real stars, though, are you—our couples.

Whether you want a small, private affair with closest family and friends, or a lavish event, here are five reasons the Bay House is the perfect place for your spring wedding in Destin.

1. Our indoor/outdoor venue.

In springtime, a single day can host a dozen different types of weather. No matter what the day brings, however, we have you covered. Our outdoor venue is complete with a waterfront lounge, crystal chandeliers, portable bar, and fire pit. Indoors, wall-to-wall windows ensure you won’t miss the bay-view.

2. We make our own weather.

Ok, we don’t exactly make our own weather, but we do bring the heat (or air conditioning) as needed. Large fans and outdoor heaters are available for every event.

3. Old-Florida authenticity.

Oak trees. Boat slips. Barn doors. A wood-planked ceiling. These are the trademarks of old Florida that will make your wedding an exquisite event.

4. The Bridal Cottage

This sweet cottage, separate from the main house, is the bride’s private dressing chamber. It’s ideal for getting-ready photos, girls’ time, and those special moments before the first look.

5. A fully-equipped kitchen.

Whether the caterer needs to drop-off the grooms’ cake in a discreet location, or your special day is stocked with must-have noshes, both the bridal cottage and the Bay House have fully equipped kitchens to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

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