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Winter Wedding Fashion Tips

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Winter weddings in Destin are beautiful, but the usual wedding guest attire might not be the perfect fit for the cooler weather. The great news is that the weather also opens up the appropriate attire to wonderful fashion pieces that you can only pull off during the winter months. Here are a few tips to make sure your wedding guest assemble is stunning.

Think velvet. George Costanza will love this one – velvet is the perfect fabric for a winter wedding. Add a velvet blazer, skirt, or even full dress. You can drape yourself in velvet and look fabulous and warm.

Warm colors. You are going to want to leave your bright turquoise dress on the hanger. Winter is all about rich colors that add depth. Think burgundy, deep blue, forest green, gold, and black. Yes, you can wear black to a wedding and it’s fine. Some brides even choose to have black bridesmaid dresses and it looks classic and classy.

Accessorize! Add jewels, furs, gloves, hats, and all the things that hotter weather keeps you from donning. Winter is all about glamorous accessories.

Matte. Every girl on Instagram knows that matte makeup is very trendy and is actually a great look for winter. Go for the baked foundation with a matte dark colored lip, and you will look like a winter beauty!

We hope these tips help you put together an amazing look for your next winter wedding. If you are planning a wedding in Destin of your own, call us to see our amazing space!

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