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Wedding Photo Tips

Posted on by destinbayweddings

BWiStock_000023159927_LargeThe Emerald Coast provides beautiful scenery for any wedding photography session. The lush landscapes, sugar white sand, and emerald green water are all stunning in photos. If you are planning a wedding in Destin, we have wonderful photographers on the Emerald Coast that are amazing. In addition to the tips your professional photographer will give you, here are a few tips to make sure your wedding photos are perfect.

Look up! Sometimes, when people are nervous they have a tendency to look down. Be aware of your posture, stand up straight, and be sure to keep your head up.

Smile! Even if are nervous or not feeling well, be sure to smile and enjoy your day!

Try to forget the photographer is there. This can be tricky, but we all know the best pictures are taken when people are caught in a moment and aren’t necessarily posing for a camera. Try to forget about the camera and let the photographer catch those quiet moments.

Take some photos before you walk down the aisle. Before you walk, laugh, and cry down the aisle, be sure to take a few photos. Plus, your hair and makeup will be fresh!

Find a great photographer and meet with them before the wedding. We have a wonderful list of wedding photographers in Destin. Be sure to schedule a meeting before your wedding so you can go over exactly what you want!

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