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Posted on by destinbayweddings

The Destin Bay House works hard to make every bride feel special on her big day. We aim to ensure that brides know just how important and special their wedding in Destin is, and one way we achieve this is by commemorating their event on our cross wall.

The cross wall at the Destin Bay House is one feature that makes our event venue unique and popular. Every bride that holds a Destin wedding at the Bay House receives a cross that is hung from our wall outside. Each cross is custom-carved with the couple’s name and their anniversary date, and is made out of reclaimed wood and restored hardware.

The idea is faith-based and represents gratitude and appreciation. The Bay House wants to honor the bride and groom, and thank them for sharing their wedding day with us. We already have hundreds of crosses along the wall and are constantly making room for more. We love seeing our cross wall grow, and we want you and your spouse to be a part of it.

The crosses continue to hang on our wall after the wedding as a representation of your newly found union. We love to get emails for pictures of crosses, or even visits from brides to see where their cross hangs.

The Bay House is the premier event venue in Destin for many reasons, one of them being our cross wall. No one has anything like it in our area. We are excited to see your name on a cross soon!

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