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Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Destin, Florida is a slice of paradise, and the Bay House hosts many destination weddings every year! The Destin Bay House is the perfect event venue for your out of town wedding because it gives you a little taste of every aspect of what Destin is famous for – sun, sand, and that gorgeous emerald water.

Planning a destination wedding is exciting! Destination weddings allow you to only include the people closest to you, including immediate family and friends. This can make a wedding more cost effective. Or you can invite a large number of guests and make it a vacation opportunity for your guests. Either way, going out of town for your wedding can be less stressful than a wedding at home, because you are almost forced to relax and enjoy time with your guests before the big day. Whereas at a typical wedding you would constantly be on the run with little to no time to yourself.

Another factor in having a destination wedding is you can pick a location that shows your true colors. The Destin Bay House is perfect for someone who dreams about lying on the beach and getting married under the warm sun. Destin is also a wonderful honeymoon spot because of our sandy white beaches! It can make traveling and expenses easier to manage because you can get married and honeymoon in the same place!

The Destin Bay House wants to host your destination wedding! On our website, we provide a few options for accommodations in Destin and are happy to provide more tips for planning your getaway wedding. Come see why Destin is the perfect location to  host a destination wedding!

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