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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Posted on by destinbayweddings

Picking your wedding colors is one of the first things you do to kick start your wedding planning. It can be difficult because there are so many different colors to choose from! The Bay House is the perfect Destin event venue for your wedding because it compliments any and all color schemes! Although, there may still be a few details you should consider when choosing your wedding colors.

The first aspect to think about when choosing colors is the season in which your wedding will be held. Certain colors look better during different times of the year. Bright colors will stand out more in a spring or summer celebration, whereas, darker tones are more appropriate for fall and winter. Seasons can also correspond with holidays. If your wedding is holiday themed it is a great idea to include holiday colors within your wedding, such as, red and pink for Valentine’s Day or a pastel color palette for an Easter wedding.

Another detail that can help you choose the perfect color scheme is what colors flatter you and your significant other. Everyone has a color that they look best in, and you should consider this color for your wedding. It may also be important to include a color that flatters your whole wedding party. You want everyone looking their best on your big day and looking for a color that best suits everyone can help you narrow down your options.

The Destin Bay House wants your wedding day to be perfect! We know how stressful wedding planning can be, and choosing your wedding colors is just the beginning! Take a look at our vendors tab to see a list of equipment rentals, event planners, and florists in Destin that will help you incorporate your color scheme into your wedding!


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