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Fresh Trends for 2016

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BayHouseDestin - 0033Wedding season is nearly in full swing. As the weather warms to almost perfect temps and the winter skies clear, the spring is an ideal time to host a destination wedding on the Gulf Coast.

As we host more and more weddings each week, we’ve started to notice that some of the predicted trends for 2016 were not only accurate, but gorgeous! Bridal Guide predicted six trends they thought wedding professionals would see in 2016. Below are some of our favorites from the season so far.

The first is the metallic color theme. The pops of bronze and gold seen in everything from centerpieces to bridesmaid dresses is nicely balanced by the dark wood floors and neutral color palette of our Destin event venue. These color choices are also rather striking when paired with the Spanish Moss and glittering water of the bay. Monochromatic color themes are also all the rage. Whether you choose a neutral palette or a range of blues, greens or pinks, this trend will be sure to have quite the visual impact on guests and in photos.

Another trend that pairs well with the landscape of the Destin Bay House are flower crowns. With a range of color and flora options available in the spring, this trend is easy for any bride or bridesmaid to wear and theme to the event. Long-sleeved wedding gowns are also a top trend this season. But, we warn you. Things can heat up quickly at the Bay House, especially with all that mingling and dancing. This is one trend to try only when enjoying your outdoor wedding in the evenings of spring or fall.

No matter your wedding decor choices, we know your event at the Destin Bay House will be gorgeous and we can’t wait to work with you. Contact us today to begin planning your perfect outdoor wedding on the bay in Destin, Florida!

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