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Frequently Asked Wedding Party Questions

Posted on by destinbayweddings

If you plan on being in your friend’s upcoming Destin or 12239233_433402240178653_5678914031630245443_o30A wedding, you may find yourself with a few unanswered questions. Don’t worry though! We’re breaking down the answers in an easy-to-read FAQ style.

(1) What events am I supposed to attend? The events can vary based on the bride and groom, but usually bridesmaids can expect to attend the bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Groomsmen should mark their calendars for the bachelor party and the aforementioned rehearsal festivities.

(2) What if I can’t make it to the events? As long as you make time for the rehearsal, life should be good. The other events can be made up¬†another time with a little extra effort on your end.

(3)¬†What am I supposed to do on the wedding day? Aside from attending, just be there for your friend who is getting ready to take the plunge. Put on a great playlist, take part in the ceremony and be a good sport about pictures and dancing…

Do you still have questions about what to expect? Just ask the bride or groom. They obviously like you enough to make you a part of their big day!

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