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Mmm… Cake!

Posted on by destinbayweddings

27c4dcf6-cb2f-458f-b0d1-33d65848aa9e-rs_768Of all the food you choose for your beach wedding in Destin, Florida, your cakes takes well, the cake! So, no need to skimp. If you don’t have something in mind already, here’s what you need to know, or better yet what you should ask your cake baker.

1. Ask your bakers what they specialize in – fondant or buttercream? And better yet, what kind of filling do they recommend? Strawberry, orange, mocha, chocolate – each ingredient will make a difference in taste.

2. Can they make sugar flowers, or work with florists for fresh blooms? If you’re going for a custom feel, you’ll want to confirm these things ahead of time and see samples of their previous work.

3. How far in advance will my cake be prepared? The closer to your wedding day the better, but a few days in advance may be necessary if you requested an intricate design.

4. What’s the delivery process? The easiest solution for everyone (usually) is to have your wedding cake delivered to the reception. Don’t forget you will want to factor this cost into your overall cake budget. (Yes, a cake budget is a real thing).

5. Lastly, you may want to consider asking if they are licensed by the state. It might seem silly, but knowing your Destin cake baker has passed health inspections could ease your mind and maybe your stomach.



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