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Simple Things Wedding Guests Hate

Posted on by destinbayweddings

11080771_957101590976638_2129909698759916534_oA wedding is a beautiful celebration of the love between two people, but that doesn’t mean those two people should completely ignore the comfort of their guests. Don’t get us wrong, we know that is an honor to be invited to a Destin or 30A wedding celebration, and furthermore we know the amount of work you put into planning yours, but there are a few things you ought to keep in mind throughout the process that can¬†help make for an unforgettable day in everyone’s mind.¬†Those things (below) are what we have come to notice that guests hate:

1. Having to pay for their drinks – Even if a top-shelf bar isn’t within your budget, no one should have to take out their wallets at a party. Unlimited wine and beer (even if it’s just for an hour or two) is a great compromise.

2. Too many long speeches – Hearing from multiple members of the wedding party (bridesmaids crying, groomsmen recounting less-than-sober experiences), mothers, fathers, crazy in-laws can get old, real fast. Try limiting the number of speeches between the rehearsal dinner and the reception.

3. Sitting in undesirable locations – Sitting too close to the DJ and too far away from the action can ruin a guests’ experience. Try to create a seating chart in which everyone is nearby and feels free to socialize.

4. Couples who spend more on decor than their guests’ good time –¬†Flowers aren’t exactly top of mind when it comes to a guest and how they remember your wedding (sorry florists). Key factors have always been and will always be food and entertainment.

5. ¬†Limited food – Speaking of food, if a guest gets hangry, they’ll leave. Avoid the light bites and opt for real food that everyone will enjoy.

…and that’s just a few of things that guests hate at a wedding reception in Destin. But the truth is all are completely manageable when you hire the Bay House to coordinate your event!

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