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Fall in Love with Your Wedding Venue

Posted on by destinbayweddings

11070753_974212749265522_7146659601893899176_nCongratulations! Now that you have the ring, the official wedding planning can begin. There’s only one problem, where on earth do you begin? We’d like to say it all starts with choosing a wedding venue in Destin, but there are a few questions you may have to ask yourself before you call and book a date.

1. How Many Guests Do You Want? Do you envision something small, or ¬†– for lack of a better word – more of a production? The answer alone could determine your locations…

2. Do You Want a Religious Ceremony? This could mean travel for your guests to and from the church or even the beach, to your reception. Could that take a toll on attendance?

3. How Much Work are Your Willing to Take On? With questions one and two in mind, will the ideal location require you do some heavy lifting? To avoid the heavy lifting, are you willing to sacrifice that customized approach and individual feel that is  atypical of your standard reception halls?

The good news that there’s one answer to all of these questions. The Destin Bay House. Accommodating up to 200 people, the functional layout and indoor/outdoor space is perfect for parties of all sizes. Not only that, we can offer a religious ceremony onsite in the same place as your reception, saving guests travel time and you scheduling conflicts. Did we mention that you can customize the layout and furniture if you’re looking to add a personal stamp on the place?

Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you and your upcoming beach ceremony in Destin!

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