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Mother of the Bride Advice

Posted on by destinbayweddings

FamBeach2014-0297 (1)In honor of Mother’s Day, we grabbed some tips from and their mom’s on what to expect from marriage. A few of our favorites are below, but feel free to check out the list yourself and see what all they advise from communication and love to having separate bathrooms…

1. Support Each Other – Be your partner’s number one fan throughout the ups and the downs.

2. Accept that You also Marry their Family – The word in-laws has a negative stigma attached to it. When they overstep those boundaries, just remember its the bond between you and your spouse that counts.

3. Remember that Things Won’t Always be Equal – Nothing in life is fair, or even 50/50 for that matter. But if you work as a teamĀ make your marriage a priority then things should work out.

What’s some of the best marriage advice you received from Mom for your upcoming Destin wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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