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Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

Posted on by destinbayweddings

10003135_757105987642867_6812364063455807916_nBesides the all-important wedding day, there are few other events surrounding your beach wedding in Destin, Florida that will need some planning. And before you get overwhelmed, remember these events can be just as fun, memorable and exciting as the big day itself.

Take for instance, the rehearsal dinner. Usually held the night before the wedding, this gathering is the perfect opportunity to welcome guests, thank your loved ones and kick off the festivities to come. The name makes it sound much more formal than it needs to be. Sure, the rehearsal part can be serious, but the dinner should be treated as a time to unwind, reminisce and look forward to the big day.

Who hosts? Who attends? We’ll leave that to you to decide, but one thing is certain: when looking for a rehearsal dinner venue in Destin, choose somewhere you feel comfortable, where your guests will have fun and a place that will relieve the stress of adding one more thing to your plate. Final words of wisdom: The Destin Bay House¬†can do just that.

For more details on hosting a rehearsal dinner and our event accommodations, give us a call at 850.259.3490.

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