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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors is one of the first things you do to kick start your wedding planning. It can be difficult because there are so many different colors to choose from! The Bay House is the perfect Destin event… Read More >

Simple Things Wedding Guests Hate

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of the love between two people, but that doesn’t mean those two people should completely ignore the comfort of their guests. Don’t get us wrong, we know that is an honor to be invited… Read More >

Our Favorite Things About Wedding Planning

All too often wedding planning goes from being an exciting time to being a whirlwind of stress and tough-decision making. If you’ve reached that point of “why am I doing this, let’s just elope and call it a day,” take… Read More >

Planning a Beach Wedding

Are you sold on having a beach wedding in Destin? We can’t blame you. Beach weddings offer a sensible and elegant solution to the expense and headache often associated with a traditional wedding. But before you get carried away, here… Read More >

Champagne Taste and a Wine Cooler Budget

Letā€™s face it; weddings are expensive. We love to hear about your wildest wedding dreams and get to know your personalities as we plan, but even more than that we love turning your dreams into a reality! OneĀ big hurdle in… Read More >