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Better Together

Better Together

A few years after Something Blue was built, the Smiths built Better Together as a rental property in Destin to generate income.  So, our idea was not an original one. In the beginning, Better Together was a one bedroom, one… Read More >

Break traditional wedding rules with these new ideas.

Break All the Rules To Achieve Your Perfect Wedding

There are plenty of rules for weddings. In fact, just Google “wedding rulebook” and you’ll find more than 400,000 results. Four. Hundred. Thousand. Y’all. From not seeing the bride before the ceremony to strict seating charts, a couple can drive… Read More >

Cocktail Hour

Three Gorgeous Summer Cocktails for Your Wedding

A summer cocktail should achieve two things: one, it should be beautiful in the glass, and two, it should taste light and refreshing. After all, a summer cocktail is second in popularity (at the reception) only to the newly betrothed…. Read More >

Summer makeup tips

The Only Five Summer Make-up Tips You Need

Ah, summer in Florida—the skies are blue, the water is clear, the brides are beaming…and sweating. Right now, July temps at the Destin Bay House are reaching upward of 90 degrees. In this heat, let’s face it: you want to… Read More >