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Thinking Outside-of-the-Cubicle: Your Creative Retreat At Destin Bay House

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Host your Creative Retreat at the Destin Bay House

You’re ready to gather your team and map out your business’s creative content and sales goals for the next year. The only problem is few things are less inspiring than a drab, windowless conference room with uncomfortable chairs. Talk about killing the creative process. For your next creative retreat, let The Destin Bay House provide outside-of-the-cubicle scenery to kick-start your team’s creativity.

A growing collection of research shows that holding meetings outdoors, and even hosting walking meetings, is key to unlocking the creative and decision-making processes.

Take it from entrepreneurs Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even former President Barack Obama, all of  whom were known for regularly hosting walking meetings, and get outside of the office to make important decisions.

A Stanford University study explains the “act of walking itself” results in markedly higher levels of creativity. Think of it like this: when you’re sitting, your body is in a static, stagnant mode, and thus, your thoughts are as well. Whereas when you move, your thoughts follow in dynamic fashion. In short, if the body’s moving, the mind’s moving.

At the Bay House, your team can walk the stunning grounds, brainstorming under an oak and palm shaded lawn or along the water’s edge. Adding the dynamic, natural element of the gently rolling waves of the Choctawhatchee Bay enhances the creative process. Two 2016 studies, one from Michigan State University, the other from Berkeley,  found that being in nature, particularly near water, makes people “mentally more healthy” and “inspires creativity.”

That being the case, there is no better place to host your next creative retreat than the Bay House. Use the screened in porch to welcome your team and review the day’s objectives, then head for the Bayfront lawn for a walking meeting. Enjoy Colette loveseats and mango-wood farm tables  nestled on sugar-white sands during breakout sessions, and use the fully-equipped kitchen and interior rooms for a mid-day meal, chock-full of brain foods to power you through the afternoon agenda.

Call Erin today to unleash your team’s innovative prowess at a Destin Bay House creative retreat.






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